Wake up! It’s gardening time… again… already… Oy!

As December rolls in, all thoughts hearken to the next chore ahead of us…

Giftwrapping our kids presents?

Um… nope. Did that in November. I just hope that Hostess Twinkie and Hershey Bar are still fresh. They say they last a thousand years? They better.

Laying out traps on the roof in hopes of catching a reindeer?

Hey… if you marinate reindeer long enough – it tastes just like venison! :)

Trying to be REALLY REALLY nice for a few weeks, to make up for the rest of the years “missteps”?

Ooops! ;)

Nahhh… I’m talking about planning our gardens for next Spring!

Every year, The Bubba Effect  (and our minions) plant a series of Survival Gardens across ALL zones of the United States.

Over a hundred thousand people read about what we were doing and hundreds of people showed up, sometimes one by one, sometimes tribe by tribe, weekend by weekend to help out.

I have to tell you, as hard as the times are, it did our black little hearts good to see so many of you so willing to help others in need.

Last year, hundreds of families were fed as garden after garden churned out vegetable and fruit, headed for tables across America.

In conjunction with guys like Scott Peterson at Hometown Seeds (a veritable Prince of a guy – even if he IS from Utah! ;)), we sent care packages “hither and yon” to help those who needed it. In return, they vowed to share both information and bounty as they not only fed their own families, but the families of others less fortunate.


Scott at HOMETOWN SEED has once again (in spite of the fact that we pick on him constantly! ;)) extended his friendship to the readers of The Bubba Effect!

Use the code “BUBBA” when you order seed from him and he’ll give you an additional discount!

In these trying times we live in, some people still appreciate families more than they appreciate profit.

Scott, we thank you for thinking of us!

Now where was I? Oh yeah…

Our growers tested both seed and tools, to share the wealth and the knowledge gained in order to aid other families who will be starting the planning of their gardens this coming Spring.

So, as the Holidays roll thru, I’m going to hammer you with facts aimed to help get you started on that Survival Garden of your own.

(Unless of course, you LIKE being a “Victim”. You don’t, do you? Hmmm?)

Which seed really germinates?

Hint: Walmart is NOT the answer. But they did beat out some of the “big” catalog brands.

Which tools really work?

We have some really great tool reviews planned. Things you just can’t live without… unless you’re an idiot.

What methods worked the best?

(These results may really REALLY surprise you!)

Remember, seed from the seed companies starts to get pretty thin right about January 15th, in the best of times.

And my friends, these are HARD times. More and more people are planting gardens to offset the economy, unemployment and the hardships that American families currently endure.

That means that it’s going to be hard to find the seed and supplies you need, unless you start early.

So get off your butts and start figuring out what you’re going to plant! And then get the seed ordered, PRONTO!  Otherwise, it may not be there when you need it. And we all know what happens when you end up having to go to Walmart for seed because you weren’t smart enough to order early…. don’t we?

Your wife gives you a huge piece of her mind (like she really has any to spare! ;)), your kids laugh at you and nursery clerks just roll their eyes at you and say bad things behind your back as you stomp away empty-handed.  And worst of all…

You go HUNGRY!

At least, that’s what happens at MY house.

I urge you to stay tuned;

… to read about things you need to know, seed that you’ll want to plant, and tools you’ll need as you start preparing to build that bridge to your dining room table.

Remember this garden plan from last year?

6400 square feet of “Oh my achin’ back!”  :)

Wait until you see what we’re going to do this year!


I’m warning you in advance;

It’s gonna give your wife a giggling fit and YOU’LL probably have a coronary.

But, at least your kids will grow healthy and strong as they eat… until they burst!

And as the Holidays roll in, I want to take a moment to wish every one of you the best, brightest Holiday season ever.

G_d bless you all!

PS. NO! We don’t work for Hometown Seeds. They have way more sense than that!  And Scott doesn’t pay us, either.  We put him out there, because he’s the best.

And… because we like picking on him… but don’t tell anybody. It’s a secret. ;)

Today’s trivia question:

What the heck is this?

From our "Tools you can't live without!" files...

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