Lessons I’ve lived while “living a life in the dark”…

Many of the crew members here at TBE spent time in “Banana Republics” watching the gyrations – as one group oppressed the other to take a lion’s share of whatever had any intrinsic value.

It doesn’t matter where your boots are, be it Somalia or San Diego, it’s always going to be an “us or them” conflict where profits rule the day. It’s just human nature. Greed Rules.

Many of us have personal experience (and the commensurate scarring) to testify as to HOW a civilian population is “overwhelmed”.  That oppression has a taste, a smell, a “vibe”.  And folks, it’s HERE in the US. Many of my associates are of that same opinion as we reflect on life’s lessons and prepare our families to endure whatever hardships we’ll face, be they “Mother Nature or Mother $&%^$#!!”

Lessons in “Psycho Politics”:

The world as we know it is changing. America is slowly circling the drain, despite the blathering of the liberal media and it’s Kool-Aid drinking acolytes.

We’ve stretched America as far as it can stretch and now, there’s no resources left to resolve the conflicts.

The time of the “Petrodollar” is over.

The Chinese deal (signed with great international fanfare last week) to buy oil directly from the Russians using something other than US Dollars cinches that.  Many of the worlds top economies are dropping the US Dollar as “the reserve currency”. This is terrible news for the US. As the dollar begins it’s slide into obscurity, so goes the nation.

The US Dollar will now be seen as exactly what it is… It is a “fiat” currency. The US Dollar is a currency based on “faith” and not “backed worth”.  Nothing backs the US Dollar now but empty promises and lies from the FED (Federal Reserve) and beyond..

You can only stretch a rubber-band so far before it snaps. People, we are at the breaking point.

People who claim otherwise are either “wishful thinkers”, ostriches, very naive, tools, or fools…

The impending crisis will create chaos. Then, you are forced to deal with the unrest. The rich will seek control. Unless you’re not paying attention, you know that the White House and Congress cater to “the rich and powerful”, not to those who elected them to represent their best interests. Once it gets’ to Beltway addresses, it’s no longer a “two party system”. It’s just US against THEM.

Something has to give.

It’s easy to oppress the masses, even in “Republics”;

(Remember that the US is a REPUBLIC and NOT a Democracy. If I have to explain the differences to you, you obviously skipped Civics Class in High School.)

In order to “oppress” you as a body of citizens, all I have to do is let you make choices;

(a) You respond to “aberrant and unconstitutional change” with anger and outrage, using rebellion/force – thus allowing me to use the military or some crafted enforcement body of Gov’t (like DHS or a “Citizen Defense Force” – which will probably have direct ties to the  UN and thus… foreign troops) to suppress you in order “to protect the nation’s citizenry”… or;

(b) I  just manipulate you. I make you so mad and helpless feeling that you swallow your spine and then eventually just “give in” and go along with the program, like the rest of the sheep.

Either way, I get exactly what I want.

My mother (may G_d bless her) said that when I grew up, I’d become a rebellious revolutionary, a tyrannical dictator or a cult leader. She must have been psychic…😉

If you pray, pray for America…

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